Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Culture File @FOTE: Gunnar Karl Gíslason's special poo

You have some pretty great advantages if your mission in life as Reykjavik chef is to protect the culinary traditions of Iceland, the foremost of being that you're​ ​in Iceland. But ​the value of your isolation can go down as well as up. When the crisis of 2008 hit iceland, imports were suddenly out of the price range of the new restaurant he was opening - so, Gunnar Karl needed a new plan, as he explained to us backstage at Food on The Edge's Eyre Square base. Chef, Gunnar Karl Gíslason there, at the inaugural food on the edge symposium in Galway. And you can hear more from food on the edge, head to soundcloud.com and search for Culture File Gunnar Karl Gíslason

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