Friday, January 29, 2016

Culture File: Minimalist Movie Sounds

If live performances of music by blockbuster composers such as Williams and Elfman never quite lit your torch, would a night out work where Glass and Nyman are the heroes and minimalism -- and everything after -- the house style? MINIMAL FILM takes place on Friday, 29th Jan, at Samuel Beckett Theatre, TCD, Dublin, starting at 7.30pm.

Culture File: Hast Seen The Brown Bear?

Chances are, if you haven’t seen multi-nominated movie, The Revenant, and indeed even if you have, you could find yourself perplexed when it comes to sharing your real feelings. Because, once you’ve cooed over Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead performance, and the substantial assistance he gets from co-stars, Tom Hardy and Domhnall Gleeson, and indeed a substantial blanket of bearskin; once you genuflected approvingly at Emmanuel Lubezki photography “all shot in sequence and using natural light” - you might even add, cinéastically; after all that prayer-like murmuring of approval, you might be thrown back on the unspoken thought that no matter how good the Revenant is, it’s not actually that good. Now listen on...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Culture File: Minimalist Soundtracks

If live performances of music by blockbuster composers such as Williams and Elfman never quite lit your torch, Irish composer Natasa Paulberg may have the thing for you, an event at which Glass and Nyman are the heroes and minimalism -- and everything after -- the house style. Sharon Phelan spoke to about her own compositional journey, and her plan to highlight minimalism at the multiplex.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Culture File @FOTE: Gunnar Karl Gíslason's special poo

You have some pretty great advantages if your mission in life as Reykjavik chef is to protect the culinary traditions of Iceland, the foremost of being that you're​ ​in Iceland. But ​the value of your isolation can go down as well as up. When the crisis of 2008 hit iceland, imports were suddenly out of the price range of the new restaurant he was opening - so, Gunnar Karl needed a new plan, as he explained to us backstage at Food on The Edge's Eyre Square base. Chef, Gunnar Karl Gíslason there, at the inaugural food on the edge symposium in Galway. And you can hear more from food on the edge, head to and search for Culture File Gunnar Karl Gíslason

Culture File: Chloe Dewe Mathews' Shot at Dawn

Private James Crozier. 07:05 / 27.2.1916. Le Domaine des Cordeliers, Mailly-Maillet, Picardie. The title​s​ for Chloe Dewe Mathews photographs of 1st world war execution sites contain only the stark details recorded in the official records. Behind them lie a plethora of stories of young men, shot by their own sides for cowardice or desertion, often after murky courts martial. Mostly what we ​know for certain is what also know about Dewe Mathews's photos, that they were shot at a ​specific location​s​, at dawn. On Wednesday, 27th January, 2016, Prof Alex Danchev of the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, will give a Lecture at IMMA, Kilmainham titled: Shot at Dawn: Moral Witness.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Culture File: Death Row Memoirs of an Extraterrestrial

Hiberno-American quartet, Decoda, are working with actor, Diarmuid deFaoite, on Death Row Memoirs of an Extraterrestrial, a genre defying composition by American contemporary composer, Mark Neikrug, which gets its Irish premiere at the Music For Galway Winter Festival on 24th January, at the Town Hall Theatre, Dublin.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Culture File: Will St Leger's Bank of Secrets

Street artist, Will St Leger opened a one-day-only "bank" with a plan to allow customers to "lodge" their "secrets" in sealed envelopes, which the artist will burn and then mix with paint. And with the paint, he will create a giant, ephemeral wall text.

Culture File: Dylan Rynhart's Speech Melodies

Dylan Rynhart​'s​ ​​music is rooted in jazz, but ​the composer is also on a mission​ ​to explore the musical ​substance ​in ​everyday speech.

Culture File: Kathy Tynan's Boring Walks

The poetry of wheelie bins and apple cores on a walk through an overlooked Dublin, in the company of painter, Kathy Tynan and Kipper.

Culture File: Julie Merriman

Dublin city​ council's​ vast archive of dr​aw​ings describing every feature of ​the city's built environment,​has provided the inspiration for an exhibition of abstract images, often made with carbon paper or typewriter ribbon, by artist Julie Merryman. ​

Culture File: Stun Hun Shun

Professor Raymond Hickey on fashions in the ever-changing accents of Dublin.